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Luderitz Bay Shipping & Forwarding is one of the oldest logistics and shipping companies in Namibia's southern port of Luderitz. We pride ourselves in tackling the most challenging freight handling and forwarding tasks. Our focus is to find the most cost-effective freight solutions for any type of logistics, ships agency, and customs clearance requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can move your cargo hassle-free, on time and affordable.

Who we are

Luderitz Bay Shipping & Forwarding (LBSF) provides clearing and forwarding, shipping, ships' agency, bunkering and warehousing services for all types of cargo, vessels and industries. The company was established as Luderitz Bay Shipping on 1 Februray 1992 by John Gillham who had gained a wealth of previous shipping experience in Cape Town. With only one other agent in Luderitz at the time, the company soon gained major clients in the region and was appoined agent for the oil company Shell.

Luderitz Bay Shipping also became the pioneers for the first containerisation of frozen foods (fish) at the port of Luderitz. In 1998, Gillham sold the majority share of LBS to Manica and the company was merged with the existing Woker Freight Services branch in Luderitz to form Luderitz Bay Shipping and Forwarding. Since then LBSF has destinguished itself as the leader in clearing and forwarding services, mining logistics, shore based logistics support and innovative solutions for Oil and Gas exploration campaigns offshore of Luderitz.

Oil & Gas Services:
LBSF provides full logistical support to oil and gas exploration and drilling ventures off and onshore Namibia , including turnkey solution provider, project management, provision of shore-based services, warehousing, etc. LBSF boasts a highly skilled team of experts with considerable experience in serving the off-shore oil and gas industry. Manica is also confident in its ability to mobilise various additional resources in diverse disciplines, to complement the in-house capabilities, thus ensuring a broad, high-quality range of onetouch services.
 Our Commitment
LBSF is committed to be and provide the ultimate choice in freight logistics solutions. We live and stand by our core values in everything we do:
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Compassion
  • Results Driven
  • Fun

 Our Facilities
Apart from its offices and the filling station opposite the port entrance, LBSF also has a hangar at the L├╝deritz Airport and a Freight Warehouse in the port. During the oil and gas campaigns LBSF also assisted the exploration companies in acquiring land (leased) for temporary storage purposes.

What we do

 Our Services
  • Customs brokering, clearing and compliance.
  • Freight forwarding, intermodal transport solutions.
  • Imports & Exports
  • Shipping.
  • Freight handling, containerisation and warehousing.
  • Ships' Agency service for all types of vessels, rigs, liners and non-liners.
  • Chandelling and procuring ships' provisions and equipment.
  • Marine Bunkering.
  • Shell lubricants and fuel filling station for vehicles.
 Our Advantage
  • More than 23 years of experience in freight logistics.
  • Highly trained staff and mordern equipment.
  • Access to specialised logistics and marine services through sister companies.
  • Known to handle the most challenging, heaviest and intricate logistics tasks.
  • Pioneered containerised fish and other food stuffs for export.
  • A wealth of oil and gas logistics experience, from turnkey, exploration, drilling to demobbing phase.

Projects & Industries

LBSF successfully attended to the first Solar Power plant modules to be landed at Luderitz. The 335 metric ton plant parts were transported on special heavy-lift trailers from Luderitz to the Northern Cape.
Oil & Gas
LBSF has been the choice shorebased logistics service provider to various oil and gas exploration drilling campaigns including the Kudu Gas (Shell), Tullow, Petrobras and HRT drilling projects. Ships agency, bunkering and logistics support was also provided to various workboats servicing the rigs and drillships during these campaigns.
LBSF provided logistics support to the granite, zink and diamond mining operations. This ranged from importing mining equipment and chemicals, exporting zink ingots to providing bunkering fuel and ships agency support to diamond mining vessels.
LBSF provides export logistics and ships' agency support to the local commecial fishing operations, the mainstay of the Luderitz economy. Services including ships agency services for fishing vessels and the export of tuna and rock lobster to international markets.
Clearing & Forwarding
LBSF handles the entire scope of clearing of forwarding services for ships spares, equipment and other commodities for local and international clients.
Fuel & Bunkering
LBSF provided bunkering fuel to all types of vessels calling on the port of Luderitz. LBSF also runs a Shell filling station that supplies fuel to the local community and businesses.

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  • corner of Hafen Str and Banhof Str, Luderitz
  • P.O Box 97, Luderitz, Namibia
  • Tel: +264 63 207 000
  • Cell: +264 81 129 4315
  •  Fax: +264 63 203 163
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